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SGE is a multidisciplinary group of companies with core business interests in Land Development and Physical Asset Lifecycle Management Software. An American company, SGE was founded in 2010 and today is headquartered in Dubai, UAE with offices in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and South Carolina, USA.
Aladdin is SGE’s proprietary Asset Lifecycle Services and Management software was created as a solution to problems we faced ourselves in operating and maintaining assets worth millions of dollars. Our physical asset management company continues to innovate with the best industry experts, business leaders and tech superstars.

SGE Has Three Business Lines

Our Businesses Breed Innovation And Best Practice To Overcome Your Business Challenges And Deliver Bottom-Line Value

SGE Asset Lifecycle Management

SGE provides specialist Asset Management Consultancy under Star Property Inspection. Our team of specialists work to the highest international standards.

SGE Software

Aladdin is SGE’s proprietary Asset Lifecycle Management software. Aladdin empowers FM, Maintenance and Asset teams across multiple industry sectors.

SGE Land Development

SGE entered into Real Estate Development with its flagship residential community in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The first of several projects in the pipeline.

SGE Asset Lifecycle Management

Much more than your ordinary computerized maintenance management software (CMMS), SGE’s Asset Lifecycle Management services offer a 360 approach to physical asset management. Our internationally qualified and experienced team use in-house developed methodologies and technology to deliver on optimal management of assets during the four stages of its lifecycle, namely Acquiring, Building/Commissioning, Operating/Maintaining and Disposing.

Our diversified business interests in construction, inspection, computer-aided facility management (CAFM) and software, ensure that our clients benefit from real world experience as well as the latest industry technology.



Gap Analysis & Benchmarking

The starting point in successful Asset Lifecycle Management is identifying business inefficiencies before creating a blue-print for improvements.

Asset Register Development & Tagging

Asset Tagging helps companies to uniquely identify their assets and maintain an accurate Asset Register.

Physical Verification / Reconciliation of Assets

Companies spend millions of dollars every year purchasing assets. We help you curb massive CAPEX spend.


Whether your assets comprise of property, machinery or other physical assets, we will help you extend their useful life for cost savings.

Sub-contractor Management (SLAs/KPIs)

Sub-contractor management is an important part of Asset Lifecycle Management.

Maintenance Planning (Preventative & Predictive)

One of the most difficult jobs in ALM is that of a Maintenance Manager.

Client Representation (Benchmarking & Reporting)

For clients with big real estate investment portfolios, FM is a big expense.

Asset Condition Assessment

Accurate data about the physical and functional condition of assets can help an organization to achieve.

Asset Lifecycle Management Software

Cloud-based, all-in-one facilities management software solution to manage all FM, Maintenance and Asset Management functions to improve operational efficiency

Meet The Team

The Mavericks At SGE Who Lead The Most Curious Thinkers To Develop And Go-to-Market With The Most Usable Software and Practical Advice Around

Managing Director
Allen Gantt

A maverick, serial entrepreneur and family man whose passion for life and business is infectious. The wind under our wings

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Raafat Osman

From running the finances for the NYC Economic Development Corporation to supporting rapid growth with strategic investments for SGE

General Manager - Asset Management Business
Andrew Piechowiak

Over 25 years in the corporate world and leading the Asset Management and software business for SGE. Social Media 'King'

Director of Engineering
Hocine Remram

Asset Management 'Guru' and strategic advisor to our customers. The brains behind our Asset Management methodology and processes

Head of Development
Milind Ambegaokar

Responsible for the Aladdin product road-map and leading the software development team to make the impossible happen and delight customers

Head of HR
Mahek Khalid

Responsible for our most valued 'assets' - our team. Making work life at SGE a peach and ensuring we hire and retain the best human capital to support our growth

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