Mobile App - Inspection


No matter the industry, timely inspections are critical to reducing downtime and enhancing customer experience. With the Aladdin Inspection App, your team can inspect assets/facilities in real time and immediately report on issues that can be automatically converted into work orders. Our user-friendly drop down menus, make the app easily navigable even if you are standing on a ladder or inspecting a roof. Plan your inspection by location or asset and our pre-defined customizable menus enable you to simply click on a button and assign criticality, responsibility and recommendations to every issue you identify. What more, you can capture rich data such as photos and videos and use tools to pin points problems on images. All of this can be immediately generated as a report bifurcated by criticality and supported by executive summaries and KPIs. Best of all, it’s so easy to use that you can get started immediately by simply uploading assets and inspection checklists. So be it ‘in and out inspections’ or ‘preventative and emergency inspections’, use the Aladdin Inspection App to conduct fast and thorough inspections today.

  • Upload customized inspection checklists and recommendations
  • Create inspection tasks and assign crew and responsibilities
  • Assign criticality, recommendations on site using drop down menus
  • Attach pics/videos and use tools to pin point problems on images
  • Immediate generation of reports with executive summaries, criticalities bifurcations and KPIs
  • Plan inspections based on locations or assets

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