Aladdin - Intro

Why do you need a Maintenance Management Software?

Work Orders scribbled on pieces of paper that are easily misplaced. Scheduling on whiteboards written in microscopic handwriting to fit it all in. Preventative maintenance reminders on assets that have been long disposed off. Overload of spare parts that you don't need and out of ones you needed as of yesterday. Records of maintenance on excel worksheets with no back up storage. Paying exorbitant amounts for complicated maintenance management software that does not adequately meet your maintenance needs. If any of the above scenarios ring a bell, you probably belong to the maintenance industry and like many others are hoping for some magic to help your maintenance management problems vanish into thin air!

Why Aladdin?

Introducing Aladdin. The Maintenance Management Software that grants all your maintenance wishes at the click of a button! And unlike Aladdin of Arabia, you're not limited to three. You can command Aladdin to fulfill almost an endless list of demands. Be it tracking and monitoring asset maintenance to optimizing production and decreasing costly downtime.

What's more, Aladdin is user friendly and requires minimal training. It's almost as easy as riding a magic carpet! Just fill in all your requirements and tell it what to do. Aladdin is also extremely flexible and can be applied in any business that owns assets. That includes manufacturing, plant, fleet, asset or facility maintenance etc. Best of all, with our unique subscription model, Aladdin is the most affordable maintenance software in the region!

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