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Aladdin Manager

Maintenance managers have the toughest job. They have to keep demanding customers happy by responding to requests immediately and manage a spread out crew; all very often while being on the field themselves. This almost impossible task is now not only possible but also seamless with the Aladdin Mobile Manager.

From any location, a maintenance manager can review requests, create and assign work orders, prioritize work, schedule recurring maintenance tasks and check inventory and more. So whether he is in the basement or on the roof, he can keep the backlog of jobs down and boost up KPIs.

Managers will have the information they need to make strategic scheduling decisions on-the-fly and communicate with their crew in real time even if tasks change at the last minute. The Aladdin Mobile Manager allows managers to transition from daily firefighting to delivering top-notch customer service.

  • Approve Work Requests and schedule Work Orders on the go
  • Stay on top of things by receiving job status updates in real time through notifications
  • Track multiple KPIs such as pending Work Requests, Work Order backlogs, Purchase Requests etc
  • View and edit a Calendar of all Work Orders Scheduled
  • Search for Assets using multiple options
  • Manage your crew by viewing their personal calendars
  • View Assets in hierarchical listings and access all asset details by simply clicking through
  • Edit Asset information including uploading attachments on the field
  • Keep track of Inventory including availability, supplier and manufacturer details

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