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Assets are the most valuable item on a balance sheet but very often receive the least attention when it comes to maintenance. Aladdin's Asset module ensures that your assets get the attention they deserve. This module is very powerful and versatile and forms the heart of our software system. In addition to entering standard information, you can customize fields, keeping it relevant to your business type.

  • Keep track of detailed information on all your assets
  • Search and filter options to quickly find assets
  • Import all assets information in one go
  • Alerts to draw your attention to warranty or any document expiry and liability issues
  • Reduce costly downtime and gain substantial increases in asset uptime and reliability
  • Ability to allocate specific spare parts needed for each asset
  • Track all the custodian accountable on all your assets
  • Track all purchase related information on all your assets
  • The ability to monitor unlimited amounts of manufacturer related specifications and metrics, as well as preventative maintenance schedules
  • Create Asset Tagging Labels for all assets within the software
  • Obtain work order history on any asset
  • Upload images, documents and manuals for each asset

Asset Tagging is one of the most critical elements in achieving the highest standards of Asset Maintenance Management. Think about it! How can any maintenance team effectively and accurately carry out their duties if they cannot uniquely identify the asset on which they are scheduled to work on? Reliable asset identification is the starting point for any standardized system for Asset Maintenance Management. That’s why when we designed Aladdin, we included a unique function that creates Asset Tagging Labels with QR codes for all assets within the software itself, which can save you from spending huge amounts on asset tagging software! The information on this label can be accessed via the Aladdin Mobile App, which will ensure real time recording of all maintenance activities.

  • Unique QR code for each asset
  • Labels/tags can be printed directly from the software
  • Tags can be scanned using the Aladdin Mobile App
  • Detailed information on the asset is pulled on the scanning of the tag
  • Perfect tool for maintenance crews to accurately identify assets prior to beginning work orders

Every good Maintenance Manager knows that having your work orders under control is getting half the job done. And every great Maintenance Manager knows that reliable maintenance software is the only way to keep those work orders from spinning out of control. With Aladdin's Work Order module, you will always be in control. Aladdin's work orders allow minute detail including recording instructions, uploading pictures and files, estimating hours and parts required to complete the job, failure analysis, labour reporting. So when your maintenance team arrives on the job they have all the information to get the job done in the shortest possible time.

  • View Work Order details on one screen
  • Track material, labor, and other costs
  • Easily update Work Order status and remarks for each status
  • Track the full history of each work order from the time it’s created to closing the job
  • Auto-generates email notification update of the work request status to the work requester
  • Gives notification when selected asset that needs to be maintained is under warranty
  • View Asset information associated with Work Order
  • Easily generate and approve Work Requests by simply clicking a button
  • Upload files, images and detailed instructions with each Work Order
  • Improves efficiency by helping you keep track or actual/planned costs and hours

PPM is the most powerful tool in decreasing downtime and averting emergencies. As they say, prevention is better than cure! For companies with a huge number of critical assets, correctly planning, scheduling and tracking status and costs of maintenance is a big responsibility and also difficult to correctly implement. That’s where Aladdin comes to the rescue. Our PPM module is the equivalent of a very efficient assistant to all maintenance managers. With just a click of the button, PPMs can be managed easily and quickly, leaving maintenance managers more time to deal with emergencies.

  • Create a centralized catalog of preventative maintenance works
  • Easily track all the completed PM works from the total number of due in each month
  • Efficient and accurate way to track all status of the PM works assigned for each personnel
  • Track material, labor, and other costs for each PM works
  • Track the full history of the PM works from the commissioning date of the asset
  • Reduce equipment breakdown or downtime
  • Upload detailed checklist for each PM work and attached to the assets

For industries where tracking Meter Readings is a daily and critical task, Aladdin’s Meter Reading module is apt and accurate. Complete with a centralized catalog of meter reading tasks and auto-generated preventative work orders based on threshold values, Aladdin makes the job of the engineering, maintenance and facilities management teams so much simpler and also provides historical data to aid management in planning.

  • Create a centralized catalog of all meter reading tasks
  • Auto generate PM work if meter is out of threshold value range
  • Track full history of different meter readings for each equipment / asset
  • Easily track all the completed meter readings from the total no. of due in each day/week/month

If you thought rubbing a lamp was easy try our drag and drop feature in our Scheduling module! It's the most efficient way to schedule jobs and works like magic. Our weekly and monthly calendars are colour coded for easy reference - green when the day is less than 60% planned and red if it's over a 100% capacity. And the colour codes apply to personnel too, ensuring you never overbook staff on any day. All you have to do is drag and drop work orders to available slots on your calendar and hover over any work order to check details if you want to move jobs around. This module also keeps track of any mandatory certification that your staff requires and will not allow them to be scheduled for a job if the certification expires. That ensures job safety and prevents costly insurance liability.

  • Drag and drop feature to make scheduling Reactive Work Orders and Preventative Maintenance simple and easy
  • Colour coding to ensure you never schedule more than capacity or allocate personnel who is not available on a particular day
  • One screen detailed view of all Work Orders and Preventative Maintenance for each day, week and month
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly scheduling options
  • Keep track of certifications and alerts on expiry
  • Track sub-contractor certificates and annual maintenance contracts
  • View each work calendar by individual crew, by team and by personnel skill

Aladdin had his magic carpet and you will have your security net with our Inventory Module, which safeguards against never running out of a spare part or risking downtime because of lack of inventory. Aladdin allows users to receive automated alerts when any spares reach minimum levels and can even auto-generate purchase orders to replenish stocks. This module helps you run your stock room at peak efficiency with many crucial features such as managing supplier and manufacturer detailed information, lead time on deliveries, min/max values and reorder points. You can generate and manage detailed purchase orders and check the quantity of parts in inventory, view any work orders using a particular part, compare prices and lead time between vendors and make informed cost effective decisions.

  • Track All inventory costs
  • Reorder items from within the system
  • Track stock levels
  • Track the economical order quantity
  • Track all supplier reference details for each inventory item
  • Attach each spare part to different type of assets
  • Track all the transactions for issuance and return of spare parts in store
  • Auto-generate an email notification and send to procurement department that contains the purchase request detail
  • Auto-generate purchase request when stock on hand goes below the threshold quantity
  • Replenish stocks based on the purchase request generated
  • Search for parts based on multiple criteria, including ID, description, manufacturer, vendor, or quantity on hand
  • Comprehensive inventory reports

Just like the dashboard of your car, which allows you to see all vital information at a glance, so also Aladdin's Key Performance Indicator dashboards allow you to focus on what's important to you on a single screen. With our dashboards, you don't have to sift through reams of irrelevant data and print static reports. Instead you will have a visual representation of critical, real time data that will help you make better-informed decisions. Imagine how valuable it would be to you if you received alerts on targets not being met or emergency work requests right as soon as you turn your computer on! And from there you can click directly into the issue at hand and deal with the problem immediately. Aladdin dashboards include a range of displays including a gauge, pie charts or graphs. Examples of dashboard components that you can display include: Work Order Distribution by type, Status and Skill, Work Order Scheduled vs. Completed, Pending Work Requests, Work Order Backlog, Monthly Maintenance Costs, Scheduled Compliance, etc.

  • Automatically refresh dashboard for any update receive from any work
  • Shows work order / PPM / Work request notifications on time
  • Get the total number of work per criticality/status/type/skill at a glance
  • Easily track all PM due dates and percentage of the completed PM on time versus due for each month
  • Track all work backlog for all personnel at a glance
  • Track the performance of the personnel at a glance
  • Display global metrics or metrics for a specific department
  • Obtain the stock value at a glance
  • Obtain monthly maintenance cost at a glance
  • Visual representation of critical, real time data for informed decision making

No matter the industry, timely inspections are critical to reducing downtime and enhancing customer experience. With the Aladdin Inspection App, your team can inspect assets/facilities in real time and immediately report on issues that can be automatically converted into work orders. Our user-friendly drop down menus, make the app easily navigable even if you are standing on a ladder or inspecting a roof. Plan your inspection by location or asset and our pre-defined customizable menus enable you to simply click on a button and assign criticality, responsibility and recommendations to every issue you identify. What’s more, you can capture rich data such as photos and videos and use tools to pin point problems on images. All of this can be immediately generated as a report bifurcated by criticality and supported by executive summaries and KPIs. Best of all, it’s so easy to use that you can get started immediately by simply uploading assets and inspection checklists. So be it ‘in and out inspections’ or ‘preventative and emergency inspections’, you can use the Aladdin Inspection App to conduct fast and thorough inspections today.

  • Upload customized inspection checklists and recommendations
  • Create inspection tasks and assign crew and responsibilities
  • Plan inspections based on locations or assets
  • Assign criticality, recommendations on site using drop down menus
  • Attach pictures/videos and use tools to pin point problems on images
  • Immediate generation of reports with executive summaries, criticalities bifurcations and KPIs

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