The Role of Remote Training for Asset Management Applications

May 7, 2020

Remote Training - Aladdin CMMS

An asset and maintenance management system, or computerized maintenance management software (CMMS), has proven to be a valuable tool for businesses across different industries.

With this software, you can automate the scheduling and tracking of all your assets’ maintenance activities. As a result, you ensure that your company operates proactively at all times while reducing downtime and increasing production or service efficiency.

When you invest in the right asset management and maintenance software, your company will avoid unexpected, building systems, machine and vehicle repairs and the operational downtime they cause.

A CMMS program will also come in handy during times when your company is experiencing work and mobility disruptions.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused businesses to rely on technology to maintain various operations. If your organization already has an asset and maintenance management system, you and your team can keep track of all your assets’ servicing needs even if you are not in your workplace.

You will then know which equipment or machines need routine maintenance that would be best to avoid using or deploying temporarily.

When you choose the right CMMS, you can also use its planned preventive maintenance (PPM) and corrective maintenance features to manage deep and emergency cleaning and sanitization schedules, which are crucial for keeping all pieces of equipment free from the coronavirus.

These processes, in turn, will prevent the spread of the dreaded microbes and protect you, your employees, and other people from the virus.

Virtual CMMS Training for Your Employees

Having your team undergo asset management and maintenance software training is a must if you want your business to harness its full potential.

Once you have purchased your CMMS, your provider will work out a schedule with you to have a facilitator train your employees that will use the software. This will usually take place in your workplace or business premises.

However, you also have the option of having your employees undergo remote training. You can do this if this is more convenient for your team or if there are certain circumstances that prevent a facilitator from visiting your premises.

Remote CMMS training, before system implementation and after it, provides companies various benefits, which include:

1. Supporting flexibility and convenience

Since remote training does not require a trainer to visit your premises, you won’t need to look for and set a schedule wherein all your employees can be present for the session. If you have a large company with numerous workers, you and your team won’t have to find a big enough venue and spend time preparing.

A virtual training session allows your employees to learn about the new software wherever they find it convenient: in your office or their home. As long as they have an Internet connection, they can join the agreed-upon training schedule and learn the ins and outs of the CMMS.

Since many countries are discouraging social gatherings (including work-related ones) due to the pandemic, remote training is your best option to help your employees learn how to use the program as soon as possible.

You can also schedule several sessions or find one that your workers can attend if many of them are in various time zones. With this perk, you can avoid the hassles of arranging flights, transportation, and accommodation for your employees based in different cities or countries.

Without the need to hire and set up a venue and get your employees from different places inside the training area, you will save plenty of money, too.

2. Getting your team on the same page

The most important function of training during and after CMMS implementation is that it helps ensure that all users know what the software is all about and how to use it.

By working closely with your software provider, you can schedule as many training sessions as you can to ensure your employees understand the CMMS. Moreover, these virtual learning programs allow your workers to ask the trainer questions and walk them through steps they have difficulties following again.

With everyone on the same page regarding the correct processes to follow and key features to know, you can be sure your team members will be able to use them competently.

3. Providing access to customized training options

When your CMMS provider offers virtual training programs, you will also have access to their other modules. These can include demos or explainer videos regarding the use of complicated features or additional applications of the software.

Moreover, you can request for a trainer to conduct a refresher program after several months or so if you think your employees are not maximizing the use of the CMMS. You can also schedule sessions if the software has major updates or new features that you want your members to be proficient in using.

Again, you can do all of these without spending time and money setting up a venue and getting all your employees under one roof.

4. Facilitating efficient and productive training for new users

Employees come and go in any business. To ensure your new hires know how to use your CMMS properly, ask your provider to conduct a customized virtual training session or access to their video modules, or both.

By having your new employees undergo remote training from the provider themselves, you ensure they will learn everything they have to know about the software. You have an assurance that they will understand the different features and follow the right steps to use the system correctly.

These training sessions will help your new employees understand their work and settle in your company faster.

Aladdin’s Training Options

Once you purchase our CMMS, we will work with you to schedule a pre-implementation training program. This is to ensure that you and your employees learn how to use the software from one of our qualified trainers.

By learning the ropes directly from our experts, your company will reap all the benefits of having an asset management and maintenance program.

We offer both virtual and in-house training programs, which will take place in your preferred venue. Aside from trainer-facilitated sessions, we can give you access to our in-depth training manuals  that provide additional instructions and details regarding the use of our software.

You can schedule these remote training sessions even in dire situations, such as periods when there is a pandemic, to ensure your employees know how to use and navigate the CMMS. 

With our training and professional customer services, your business will experience all the benefits of having a CMMS.

Visit our blog page to learn more about asset management and maintenance systems and how they can help you sustain and grow your business.


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