Jul 9, 2017

Asset Tagging

SGE’s core focus is to provide a holistic, 360 degree approach to Asset Maintenance Management. Our Asset Management consultancy team focuses on guiding clients on the processes to optimally manage their physical assets and the associated performance, risks and expenditures over the asset’s lifecycle. Asset Tagging is the starting point in this process and Aladdin CMMS delivers on this too.

Aladdin offers a unique function that creates Asset Tagging Labels with QR codes for all assets within the software itself, which can save you from spending huge amounts on asset tagging software! The information on this label can be accessed via the Aladdin Mobile App, which will ensure real time recording of all maintenance activities.

Asset Tagging is one of the most critical elements in achieving the highest standards of Asset Maintenance Management. Think about it! How can any maintenance team effectively and accurately carry out their duties if they cannot uniquely identify the asset on which they are scheduled to work on?

Some of the advantages of tagging assets are

  • Helps an organization to uniquely identify its assets – producing an asset register
  • Reliable asset identification enables a standardized system for asset management
  • Businesses can easily know and keep track of their asset base which also makes financial accounting easier
  • Asset Tagging helps track the useful life of assets and depreciation schedules making it easy to find out the status or condition of an asset at any point
  • Asset Tagging helps personnel in an organization to quickly identify its assets as they are carrying out their responsibilities Scheduling routine maintenance is made easier
  • Asset Tagging makes monitoring asset movements easier i.e. asset transfers, asset disposals (they can track environmental disposal at the end of the asset’s useful life
  • Asset Tagging reduces loss and theft deterrence as the organization can tell which asset has left the premises and/or which asset has been stolen
  • Asset Tagging allows compliance with insurance or government regulations
SGE is one of the leading Asset Management Consultancy and Tagging companies in the UAE with reputable clients such as Wyndham Marina, First Central Hotel, Sky Central Hotel, Six Sigma, Dnata, Landmark Group, Tecom, Madac to name a few.

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