Asset Tracking

Obsolete data can mislead Management Teams and push them towards making the wrong decisions which would harm the overall health of the Business.
Aladdin’s Advanced Reporting functionality helps you keep track of all your activities in real-time to help ensure faster and more accurate business decisions. 

Track Ongoing Activities 

Whether it’s a regular Work Order or a PPM activity, Aladdin’s Advanced Reporting and Asset Tracking functionality helps you keep track of all ongoing activities to ensure that your teams are working efficiently. Aladdin also allows you to keep track of your historical data to provide you with all the details you need.

Optimize Productivity Levels

Track and Manage your employees wherever you are, thanks to Aladdin’s advanced reporting features. Make sure that your resources are utilized to their full potential with our seamless Mobile Application that allows you to optimize your resources and maximize the productivity of your teams.

Gain visibility over
Cost Centers

What if we tell you that it’s possible to manage and optimize your cost centers to help reduce the costs and reduce the burdens on your financials? Aladdin’s advanced reporting module gives you an extensive and real time view of your cost centers to give you visibility on every dollar spent all while helping you identify the loopholes and optimize your cost allocations.

Get Actionable Insights

With data becoming one of the the most important factors in any business decision, the importance of having access to quality insights in a timely manner has never been bigger. Aladdin’s advanced real-time asset tracking provides you with all the insights you need to make the right decisions, at the right time.