Aviation Asset Management Software

Out of the box Aviation Asset Management Software

In an industry worth billions of dollars, The last thing you want is a sudden downtime of day-to-day business operations. With the use of Aladdin’s Aviation Asset Management Software your industry will be fully equipped, handled, and monitored across all business segments.

A CMMS Solution for the Aviation Industry

The Aviation industry faces different challenges and risks. Major companies in this sector should maintain regular checks on navigation equipment and ground assets to avoid damages and endangerment of human’s lives. Regular preventative maintenance checks result in limited to none disastrous accidents and ensure safety measures are fully applied.

Aviation Maintenance Management

An Aviation Asset Management solution will ensure that all aircraft and airport facilities are in good condition while working properly and having the appropriate maintenance over time.

The last thing you want is the landing gear failing when it is time to land a plane. Reputational damages cost way more than maintenance software.
Aladdin’s Aviation Asset Management Software is equipped to handle and monitor key segments of the aviation industry’s maintenance operations:

  • Equipment lifecycle management
  • Predictive and preventive maintenance planning
  • Multiple inspection checklist database management
  • Onsite inspection and photo library using Aladdin Mobile apps
  • Inventory and team management

Aviation Asset management

It is important to manage aviation assets within an airport facility. Although the CMMS solution is not directly dedicated for airport customers; however with the appropriate use of asset management software, the aviation industry in general will guarantee a positive customer experience and increase in productivity.
Custom building SLA and KPI within a specific contract will ensure compliance with both budgetary and technical requirements.
Aladdin’s Aviation asset management capabilities will help in taking informative and justified decisions on investments such as CAPEX and upgrades based on the historical data as investments in the aviation industry are always high cost intensive.


What People Are Saying

Amazing CMMS and absolutely easy to use. Aladdin gave us the ability to be engaged with every small issue even at remote sites, tracking all tasks (corrective and preventive) anywhere and at any time.

Hamzeh Abualrob

Maintenance Project Manager, EG&G Middle East