Your Top-notch Banking & Finance Maintenance Software

Banking & Finance Asset Management

Assets management is known as a challenging factor, especially with a business having numerous branches spanning over different territories and continents. Aladdin’s dedicated team of software specialists and engineering experts are ready to craft your supreme Banking & Finance management software, thus, enabling you to improve your productivity and efficiency levels through accessing important key factors and features, and shift your business to the next level.

Advanced CMMS, Advancing Your Business

Now, your banking & finance business can track, optimize and simplify its Asset Management, facilities operation along with other important supplies through Aladdin’s Banking & Finance asset Management software conveniently, by:

  • Being in control of your complex environments, effortlessly;
  • Speeding up the pace of operations;
  • Boosting operational resilience and reliability;
  • Easily noticing inefficiencies for you to keep on controlling inventory costs successfully;
  • Getting a tangible Return On Investment (ROI).

A Perfect Preventive Asset Maintenance/Tagging

With Aladdin’s Banking &Finance Asset Management Software you now can bring real benefits to your business and shift its productivity through some major key factors:

  • Managing asset maintenance strategies, scheduling and the progress of work;
  • Updating and evaluating scheduled maintenance plans for equipment;
  • Reporting and monitoring work orders, incidents and emerging alerts that ensure preventive maintenance;
  • Automatically scheduling inspections, maintenance checks, and assigning work orders;

Business Challenges Surpassed, Superbly

Aladdin’s Banking & Finance Asset Management Software highly contributes to the economic efforts of the business, as it acts as a catalyzing factor towards meeting and surpassing the economic targets of your business that falls into the Banking & Finance industry. Conveniently coordinating between the different business resources, provided thanks to Aladdin, will make short and long-term success and growth strategies feasible, all while guaranteeing adequate decision-making and progressing towards a faulty-free business.

Aladdin is Your Go-TO CMMS

Aladdin, the user-friendly software based in the GCC is constructed with the aid of facility management industry experts willing to supply asset management counselling and provide you with the very best business management software. This will allow you to enhance your business’ overall performance and productiveness efforts through having access to essential elements, thus, energizing your business operations.


What People Are Saying

Amazing CMMS and absolutely easy to use. Aladdin gave us the ability to be engaged with every small issue even at remote sites, tracking all tasks (corrective and preventive) anywhere and at any time.

Hamzeh Abualrob

Maintenance Project Manager, EG&G Middle East