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5 Urgent Reasons to Invest in Business Process Automation Now

Business process automation is more beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises than massive corporations as these are the organizations that need to make the most of their human capital. Automating your company assists in increasing the efficiency of your management, while also reducing the overall cost of operating your firm.

Due to the development of cloud automation – such as cloud-based asset management software – and the benefits of lower upfront commitment and minimal setup time, there has never been a better time for your business to opt for business process automation. 

To ensure you don’t get left behind while your competition is automating left, right and center, keep reading for five urgent reasons to invest in business process automation now.

1. It frees up valuable human resources. 

Business process automation automates tedious tasks through the use of software technologies, which, in turn, helps you to free up precious workforce resources. In turn, your staff can focus on projects that necessitate critical thinking, analysis, or a higher level of human intervention. Within companies, many repetitive actions don’t require human labor, so by shifting these to automated processes, you can then restructure your company to concentrate more deliberately on creative assignments and innovation.

For example, instead of having an employee manually oversee the attendance and leaves of your workers, the process can be automated to decrease the burden on your organization dramatically. Other tedious tasks that can be automated include accounting, billing, inventory management, work order management and customer support. 

Generally, a process can be automated if it is repetitive in nature, doesn’t require logical thinking or human intervention for completion, and has consistent applications across the organization. 

2. It reduces the likelihood of human error. 

Even the smartest, most efficient individuals make mistakes. After all, humans tend to make small errors, especially when they are involved in repetitive tasks or mundane duties. The likelihood of these potentially devastating errors happening can be eliminated (or dramatically reduced)  by investing in business process automation. For this reason, it’s interesting to know how many areas of a company can be enhanced by integrating business process automation

3. It enforces governance. 

One of the most overlooked benefits of integrating business process automation into your company is that it is a fantastic strategy for implementing governance into your business. Think about it this way; any automated process is going to be well-documented with transparent logs that tell you what was done, who did it, and when it was done. Managers can monitor all automation jobs via a single-screen interface.

What’s more, if you choose to document workflow in digital checklists, you are immediately producing an actionable roadmap in which responsibilities can be assigned, automated, and monitored in real-time. This will help you sleep better at night as you can guarantee that these are being performed how and when they are intended to be done, every time.

4. It improves customer service. 

At this stage, there are many companies that have automated processes related to email auto-responses and accounts automation for invoices and payments. However, you can take it a step further and automate responses to emails and inquiries based on keywords

Upon receiving an email, the computerized process will scan for specific keywords that then trigger the appropriate email response. This aids you in staying on top of your customer outreach and ensures you are responding to messages as quickly as possible. Moreover, if a customer has more questions or the problem isn’t resolved, they can decide to intensify the request by clicking on a provided link in the email.

5. It helps to move customers through the buying cycle. 

In addition to accommodating quick customer responses, integrating business process automation into your company operations also helps you to move consumers through the buying cycle, or converting prospects into new customers. It does this by automating social touchpoints in which customers interact and engage with your business. This ensures that both your marketing and sales teams benefit from your decision to integrate automation processes with your social media channels.  

Similarly, automating the data flow from your website to the CRM system will assist your salespeople in addressing inquiries. Cart abandonment is a challenge that many e-commerce companies are dealing with; however, by taking steps to understand why it happens will not only decrease customer complaints but also increase consumer satisfaction. This, in turn, reduces product abandonment rates.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that by investing in business process automation, you are enabling your company to operate more efficiently. If you want to maintain a competitive advantage, you need to be utilizing automation tools wherever possible. 

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Does your company currently use automation for any of its processes? Why or why not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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