Aladdin Asset Manager System For Schools

The focus of educational institutions is to impart knowledge and prepare students for the real world. To offer such quality education a significant investment is made in assets and resources, which have significant maintenance cost attached to them. 


In some cases, these assets, including real estate, are responsible for bringing down the profitability of the institution as well as providing increased opportunities. Accordingly these institutions are continually trying to find ways to do more with less. By using our asset manager system, schools and educational institutions can better manage their assets.


How can an educational organization optimize assets’ maintenance costs without compromising on the health and safety of its students? Facilities Managers face the daunting tasks of balancing budget constraints with ensuring that the assets’ maintenance is performed to the highest standards. The cost of not doing so is too high.


Aladdin has helped customers in the Education sector achieve both critical objectives by keeping track of their assets to reduce theft and loss. With our asset management software, schools have been able to reduce operational costs through smarter procurement and better scheduling of maintenance Crew.


The quality of maintenance has gone up as each Crew member is empowered with the right information on their mobile phones for each Preventative Maintenance task. With the Aladdin  educational asset management system, gone are the days of paper-based manual processes. Our system comes with the promise of sustained business efficiency at significantly lower costs.

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