Aladdin Healthcare Asset Management Software

Quality healthcare is made possible by empowering healthcare professionals with the right equipment, facilities, and hospital asset management system that would help them take optimal care of their patients. Given the importance of these assets, it is extremely critical that each asset is maintained properly. Patients’ lives & the hospital’s brand depends on it.


The SGE Aladdin hospital asset management software empowers its Biomed Engineering and Operations Management clients. Not only will be able to keep proper track of their assets, but also have the required insight to take smarter asset replace/repair decisions based on actual cost & asset condition data.


This is made possible through Aladdin’s mobile & web apps that are specialized for Biomed Engineering Managers, Maintenance Engineers and Healthcare Staff to raise service requests. The management get personalized dashboards through which they track various KPIs regarding asset health and cost as well as the Work Request and Order SLAs of their department. With the help of this healthcare asset management software, the department is now more efficient and automated where all the required information is always just a click away.