Aladdin Hotel Asset Tracking & Management Software

In an industry that is all about glitz and glamour, a lot of planning goes into keeping the exterior shiny and sparkly . To deliver the highest standards of hospitality services, it is imperative that customer requests are attended to immediately and the upkeep of the hotel is continuous. This requires the best hotel asset tracking & management software to process, track and report on customer requests as well as predictive and planned maintenance in place to ensure the hotel looks and functions at its best all the time.


SGE has worked with leading hotel chains in the Middle East and is proud to have helped them achieve international standards of service and maintenance.


Our hotel asset tracking solution ensures that Hotels, F&B, and Leisure facilities can maintain ‘business as usual’ by offering the following features:


  • Aladdin helps with increased visibility of maintenance issues being raised and closed out in real-time
  • Planned, Preventative Maintenance ensures lower costs as compared with reacting to issues in an emergency.
  • Aladdin ensures a faster response and resolution times
  • Aladdin prevents downtime, loss of revenue and help maintain reputation and good-will with guests and customers
  • Much more than your usual computerized maintenance management software (CMMS), Aladdin enhances hotel property management systems as it provides insight to support smarter purchasing decisions that save money.
  • Aladdin helps hotel engineering and IT departments to efficiently manage Crew members both in-house and third- contractors.
  • Aladdin helps integrate with HSE and ensures Improved safety and risk management
  • Aladdin’s mobile apps increased mobile workforce productivity with capturing activity and digital sign-offs
  • Aladdin facilities management software will help hotels achieve higher guest satisfaction scores (GSS); GSS is a key metric element used in the hotel industry to measure a hotel’s standard of service.


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