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Carolina Palms


What is Carolina Palms?
Carolina Palms is an exclusive and luxurious residential community located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Spread across 30,670 sqm of land, Carolina Palms comprises 95 quality-built homes in three themes with a community center, gym, health club, swimming pools, retail facilities, restaurants, cafes, a kindergarten and more.
How many assets do they have ?
Carolina Palms consists of a total of 5302 assets with a total asset value of 40M USD.
Staff composition:
They have a staff composition of 1 Community Manager, 1 Supervisor, 4 Crew Members and 4 Janitors to manage the residential community.

sqm land


asset value

The Challenges

Managing a massive residential community of this size comes with many challenges. Prior to using Aladdin, the biggest challenges the team at Carolina Palms faced were:
  • [Keeping track of the availability of the staff.
  • [Scheduling and assigning PPM tasks with timely reminders to the crew.
  • [Complications with reporting as data was not in real time.
  • [Maintenance approach was more reactive than proactive.
  • [Keeping record of all work orders to help crew members with timely reminders to service those assets in the future.
“We have not only managed to solve all problems related to reporting and timely management of work orders but also improved tenant satisfaction in our community. Aladdin has helped us to double check our tenant requirements and issues and solve them quickly and more efficiently. All thanks to Aladdin and the continuous support we receive from their team.”
Lourans Mohamed

Community Manager, Carolina Palms

The Goals

The main goal of adopting Aladdin was to help solve their recurring problems with effective tracking and scheduling of work orders and reporting. Their main objectives were to be able to:
  • \Manage their staff availability and scheduling.
  • \Manage work orders and PPMs effectively.
  • \Have easy access to all data, anytime and anywhere.
  • \Generate detailed reports.
  • \Keep a proper record of who is responsible for each action.

How did Aladdin

Carolina Palms started using Aladdin in 2019. Since then, the Aladdin CMMS software has helped them to:
  • \Organize their work orders
  • \Maintain PPM requests
  • \Keep detailed records of work completed
  • \Generate accurate reports
all of which has helped them to increase their productivity and decrease their cost tremendously.

Return on investment

With Aladdin, the team at Carolina Palms has drastically decreased the work order response time and increased their productivity as they are now able to notify their staff and schedule the visits in a timely manner.

Earlier, tenants were allowed only one visit per week to community swimming pools for 6 hours. With increased control of the work orders, tenants are now allowed 2 times per week, for 3 hours each.

Another new initiation is the scheduled cleaning of AC filters for all the villas, for every three months. This helps to avoid untimely breakdown leading to huge repair and replacement costs.

“Aladdin has been a game changer in how we manage our assets. Since we started using Aladdin, we have good control over our costs, reduced response time and increased customer satisfaction. Furthermore, preventative maintenance has helped us increase the useful life of our assets.”
Raafat Osman

Chief Financial Officer, Carolina Palms


increase in productivity


decrease in costs


increase number of users

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