Keep On Energizing Your Power-Generating Facility

Energy Asset Management

We are noticing the importance of energy sources as a factor sustaining our life on earth. Such sources and facilities are prone to ever-evolving rules and regulations, and require a high level of inventory optimization, preventive maintenance strategies. Consequently, adopting a CMMS is extremely recommended in such an industry.

Ameliorating Production And Inventory, For Boosted Resilience

Energy is considered as a delicate industry requiring tailored production and inventory tracking mechanisms. Now, thanks to Aladdin’s Energy Asset Management System (CMMS), you will get the opportunity to ideally control, optimize, track and analyze your inventory and production, for you to augment your business’ operational reliability.

Choose Aladdin, For An Absolute Asset Maintenance/Tagging

An Energy Asset Management System should grant its users the necessary abilities for them to successfully maintain their business’ assets. Aladdin’s Energy Asset Management System facilitates this duty through making you capable of crafting a specific maintenance mechanism that serves as a factor lengthening your energy facility equipment useful life and its optimised operations.. It also makes you track fundamental information about your assets, reliability conditions, locations, among others, fully automatically.

Transcend Challenges, Easily

Aladdin’s Energy Asset Management System, with its vast array of key offerings, will act as your assistant, supporting you in transcending challenges easily, and achieving set targets easily, through:

  • Automating preventive maintenance scheduling, to prevent any arising expensive repair;
  • Documenting and archiving maintenance data and reports, for easier identification of recurrent failure cause, and implementing consistent preventive strategies accordingly;
  • Act as a mobile focal point of contact between employees, for a better circulated and more unified flow of information.

Reach Your Potential With Aladdin’s CMMS

Aladdin’s Energy Asset Management software is a GCC-based convenient software, worked by skillful engineers all set to convey help regarding asset management consultancy, and come up with your go-to business management software.


What People Are Saying

Amazing CMMS and absolutely easy to use. Aladdin gave us the ability to be engaged with every small issue even at remote sites, tracking all tasks (corrective and preventive) anywhere and at any time.

Hamzeh Abualrob

Maintenance Project Manager, EG&G Middle East