Why should I choose Maintenance Management Software?

Companies run on many types of software, core to most businesses is ERP which often have Maintenance Management as an add on. However, individual software are built for specific reasons. Hence if you are looking for tools specifically around Maintenance Management it may be better to look for software which focuses maintenance management, then you will get software which is targeted to that industry.

What types of Maintenance management software should I consider?

There are many solutions available in the market. It is important for you to have a wish list and then compare everything in the market and accept that you may not tick all the boxes. All individual software’s have strengths and weakness. Our top tip is to look for solutions which are cloud based and not on-premise. Cloud based solutions are more flexible to use and easy to manage.

How do I know that my data is safe and protected in Aladdin?

Protecting customer’s information and data is a priority at SGE. Within SGE we use the best practice in security measures, especially given that our databases and software are hosted on Microsoft Azure. You can contact our Sales team info@sgeme.com for further clarification on data security.

Do I need any pre-requisite software to be installed before starting to use Aladdin?

No, Aladdin does not require any pre-requisite software to be installed. It is cloud based solution and compatible with all Windows, Mac and Android/IOS devices.

If I choose not to buy Contract Management Module of Aladdin, will the Work Order module function properly?

Yes. You can choose to disable any of the components from Aladdin. We have customized packages to use some of the different modules available in Aladdin.

How do I Install/Uninstall Aladdin?

Aladdin is a cloud based software where we don’t have to either install or un install anything on the systems, other than our Mobile apps on individual devices.

Does Aladdin support healthcare industry?

Yes, Aladdin is compatible with multiple industry types.  When you work with our Industry Sector specialists, we’ll establish exactly where your keys issues are in your maintenance operations. We will clearly illustrate the five core business areas where Aladdin will deliver cost savings.

Which types of maintenance does Aladdin software support?

Aladdin ALM covers several types of maintenance such as the Reactive or emergency maintenance work orders. These can be entered and prioritized with the tasks. Aladdin also supports scheduling Planned Preventive Maintenance tasks daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly and give you option to plan ahead of time. PPM Work orders can be generated manually or automatically as per user preference. These PPM Work Orders can also be Auto scheduled to crew members.

Do you have Asset tagging facilities in Aladdin?

Yes, once you have maintained an accurate Asset Register in Aladdin. Automatically Asset Tagging is available with QR labeling to stored and keep track of assets.  We have found over the years that QR Codes are the simplest and provide a very reliable solution.  We have also used bar coding in the past, if you have a specific requirement please let us know.

Do you have mobile apps?

Yes, we have our own Aladdin Mobile applications for different users. These are applications developed to be used across multiple platforms i.e. runs on both iOS and Android platforms. They are very user-friendly and have fast processing speed for people in the field.

Can I see a demo of Aladdin before making a decision?

Definitely yes! We offer FREE demo sessions to our customers every week. You can send an email to info@sgeme.com to enroll you in our live demo sessions where you can get connected to the experts. They will demonstrate what we have in Aladdin and you can actually get your questions answered right away.