Healthcare Maintenance Software

Advanced Healthcare Maintenance Software

To keep up with the times, Healthcare Facilities need to Digitize their facility Management to improve their Inventory, Asset Maintenance, Reporting, and Analytics while automating workflows between departments.

your Inventory Management

Empowering healthcare professionals with well-maintained equipment is vital to quality care in the Healthcare industry. Aladdin’s Healthcare Maintenance Software ensures equipment and facility maintenance procedures are completed promptly and efficiently. Remember, when assets and equipment go down, lives can be on the line.

Assign Work Orders - Aladdin CMMS

Maintaining assets in uncertain time

Assign Work Orders - Aladdin CMMS

By implementing advanced Healthcare Maintenance Software you will help your team to efficiently maintain medical facilities.   
Maintaining medical equipment is both more vital and more complex during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Aladdin’s Advanced Healthcare Maintenance Software provides:

  • Highly accurate information on predictive maintenance for Medical equipment ventilators
  • The ability to build flexible workflows
  • The ability to facilitate the communication between Facilities, Operations and IT teams.
  • The ability to proactively secure medical devices.

Automate your Workflows and Resource Allocation

By automating your Work Orders and using our PPM functionality, you will be able to optimize your Resources and make sure you are operating at the Optimal Capacity. Aladdin’s Healthcare Maintenance Software allows you to automate all Asset related processes and provides your staff with everything they need to make sure you are providing patients with Quality Healthcare.

Manage and Maintain
High Value Assets

Aladdin’s Healthcare Maintenance Software empowers your Business and ensures you have clear visibility on your Medical Assets by advanced asset tracking. Not only will you be able to keep proper track of your assets, but also have the required insights to make smarter asset replace/repair decisions based on actual cost & asset condition data.


What People Are Saying

Aladdin is an excellent maintenance software, and they have a great support team. I haven’t had any issues with the software and even when there is, their team has always sorted it on time. Their monthly online training sessions are very good and beneficial for me and my team. I learn something new every time I attend, and learn more on how to optimize the CMMS to serve my department’s requirements. I’m very happy and satisfied working with Aladdin.
Tamer Balker

Service Section Manager, Cytomed