What is Aladdin?

Do you feel the pinch of the cost burden that comes from operating and maintaining your fixed physical assets? Aladdin is quite simply the most usable cloud-based asset management software for office and field-based teams to reduce costs directly associated with maintenance costs.
The Aladdin maintenance and management software program is not about automation just for the sake of it. Aladdin is an investment in specialist Web and Mobile Applications that will empower you to be proactive. You will reduce costs in five core business areas, influence intelligent CAPEX decisions, and deal with fewer expensive emergency maintenance issues.
  • Are you having to deal with Work Orders scribbled on pieces of paper that get misplaced?
  • Scheduling on whiteboards written in microscopic handwriting that no one can read?
  • Preventative maintenance reminders on assets that have been disposed of?
  • Excess inventory of spare parts that you don’t need are out of warranty?
  • Critical spare parts missing?
  • Maintenance records on excel sheets with no back up storage?
  • Paying exorbitant fees for complicated maintenance management software that no one uses?

If any of the above scenarios ring a bell, Aladdin fixed asset management software will streamline your FM and Asset Maintenance processes so you operate super-efficiently and can see tangible cost savings in a few weeks.

Why Aladdin?

The consistent high spend on operating and maintaining what are, in most cases, critical fixed assets is painful. Can you ignore that?


For today’s business leaders, any inefficiency cannot be tolerated. Investing in the right software often comes with promise of cost savings.


Aladdin’s founders were looking for the best solution to manage millions of dollars of their own assets. For this reason, Aladdin was developed to be the most feature-rich, secure, flexible and robust cloud-based asset lifecycle management software on the market.


Aladdin is much more than the usual computerized maintenance management software (CMMS). Unlike costly, overly technical and complex solutions on the market, Aladdin, is as easy to use as Facebook – that’s the beauty of Aladdin. You simply don’t compromise when you invest in Aladdin. Your FM, Maintenance, Operations and Engineering teams will use Aladdin with hardly any supervision or training. They will rely on Aladdin and you will see the benefits almost immediately.


When you automate your operations and maintenance processes with Aladdin, you will secure tangible cost savings right away. Your decision to invest on Aladdin rests on a solid business case. We don’t ask you to solely focus on features or functionality of this topnotch facilities management software. When you work with our Industry Sector specialists we’ll figure out exactly where the bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your maintenance operations are. We will clearly illustrate the five core business areas where Aladdin will deliver cost savings.


Key Features

Tracking & Scheduling

Maintain an accurate Asset Register.
Aladdin helps you assign the right person to the job and at the right time at the lowest cost

Preventative Maintenance

Aladdin facilitates prevention to that you are not reacting to costly emergency maintenance issues. Extend the useful life of your critical assets


Aladdin’s Web and Mobile dashboards empower you with real-time, accurate data to eliminate inefficiency and make impactful decisions.

Contract Management

Aladdin easily stores and tracks your assets’ documentation and warranty information to enforce SLAs and hold stakeholders to account


Aladdin generates reports including work orders, pending work, maintenance history etc., all at your fingertips. Eliminate bottlenecks and enforce compliance

Asset Tagging

Aladdin automatically creates asset tagging labels for all your assets. No need for specialist tagging software or third-parties. Save money with Aladdin

Aladdin’s KPIs


Aladdin is extremely flexible. It can be applied in any business that owns assets including manufacturing, plant, fleet, facility maintenance etc.

Conserve Energy

Aladdin ensures that your assets are in ship-shape condition and makes them more energy efficient and operating at a lower cost

Zero Overheads

Aladdin puts no extra strain on existing IT resources. We ensure maximum uptime and support so your internal resources are utilized to manage the core business

Powered by Microsoft Azure

Aladdin is a cloud-based computer-aided facility management (CAFM) system, which means all you need is Internet access. No CAPEX investments in hardware or employing additional staff. Microsoft Azure assures 99.9% uptime and ISO certified security standards


Aladdin is the most affordable and usable maintenance management software around. Aladdin offers exceptional value by automating virtually any maintenance process

Budgets & Profits

By tracking assets and having profiles on each of the items under your care, Aladdin can help you budget for when an asset needs to be replaced or repaired and help you increase profits by cutting down costs.

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