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Koona Home Maintenance

ABOUT Koona Home

What is Koona Home Maintenance?

Koona Home Maintenance, part of Koona Electromechanicals LLC, is one of the leading and fastest-growing maintenance companies in the UAE. Established in 2015, it continues to be a family-owned business, providing a range of maintenance and renovation services. Industry experts Bruce and Steph head the company, known for its quality service and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Since Koona’s inception in 2004, the company has predominantly dealt with commercial projects, MEP, electrical plumbing, and much more. Koona’s maintenance division, starting in 2015, catered primarily to the residential units, focusing mainly on the expatriate community residential. In 2015, they started their renovation division, which includes in-house designers. 

Their wide range of services backed by years of experience has led them to establish themselves as one of the most sought-after companies for home and maintenance-related services. 

The Team

Koona’s four main departments using Aladdin:

  1. Procurement team
  2. Booking team
  3. Maintenance team
  4. Service team

Total Service Members

Service Request/Day

Service Hours/Month

Challenges faced by Koona Home Maintenance

With business expansion, the challenges of working on excel sheets and relying on conventional reporting grew multi-fold. Managing multiple systems became difficult for the teams. What

Koona needed was a system that could accommodate and automate all their reporting. 

Their existing scheduling software helped them achieve some of their objectives. However, Koona required more functions to be able to manage their daily maintenance activities effectively.

Growing workforce and business resulted in the quest for:

1. Integrating purchasing, scheduling, maintenance teams

2. Efficient time attendance management that provides accurate data of workforce availability

3. One intuitive dashboard with a clear reporting structure

The Goals

What Koona wanted was to have their reporting streamlined along with better management. They needed a software that could help them achieve all of this seamlessly. They were looking to accomplish the following goals:

1. Increase in workforce productivity

2. Decrease in overall business cost

3. Better staff and resources management and reporting

Ever since they started using Aladdin in 2021, their usage rate has consistently shown an increase. 


Koona found some valuable solutions provided by Aladdin. In many ways, Aladdin allowed them to:

1. Track assets

2. Track maintenance service requests

3. Track work orders

4. Access workforce reporting

Presently, their use of Aladdin is focused on the maintenance division, procurements, projects, etc. However, soon they shall use it for all their divisions, given the various features and modules of Aladdin that are highly valuable for any maintenance company.

Aladdin’s usage report shows that Koona are one of the highest users in the first quarter of 2021, making them a top user of Aladdin.

Ever since they started using Aladdin in 2021, their usage rate has consistently shown an increase. 

Increase in web usage Jan 2021-July 2021

Increase in mobile usage Jan 2021-July 2021

“Aladdin helps us a lot in terms of booking, making us go paperless. We have got more contact with the team. The team can record the start and stop time for each work order. This makes it easier for us to monitor our team and their schedules, allowing us to manage our workforce better. The communication between the teams and us has obliviously improved by using it.”


MD, Koona Home Maintenance


“We are using Aladdin for scheduling, which is easier because it’s all online. It’s easy even for the team as its timesaving. They don’t have to fill out everything manually. They can do all the reports online, attach photos and voice notes anytime, anywhere, on the mobile app.”


Serving Bookings, Koona Home Maintenance

Increase in Productivity

Increase in Handling Service Requests

Increase in Monitoring Staff Availability

Since using Aladdin, Koona has experienced a strong and consistent growth rate. It has benefited from Aladdin in more than a few ways. Some of them being:

  1. Management and scheduling of work orders and service requests
  2. Eliminating the use of paper and going completely digital
  3. One insightful dashboard to access all their reporting
  4. An all-in-one solution providing easy access to all the data
  5. Secure access to check client details and issue history
  6. Online portal for scheduling, sharing voice notes, and images for each work order
  7. Helping the service members on the road in coordinating with other team members

Having used Aladdin, Koona team members are now very used to the online portal and do not like using paper anymore. What has also added to the successful business relations between Koona Home Maintenance and Aladdin is the exceptional customer service provided by the latter. 

Software enhancements continue to take place to provide the quality experience that every business deserves. With more customizations on the way, Aladdin is providing a pleasant experience to Koona Home Maintenance.

“When we call the (support) team, we get an immediate response.”


Service Bookings, Koona Home Maintenance

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