Logistics & Transportation Maintenance Software

Out of the Box
Logistics & Transportation Maintenance Software

Our team of engineers and software specialists will work with you to design the Ultimate Transportation and Logistics management software. So you’ll be able to maintain a smooth transportation network especially when you have many assets in operation that require extensive preventive maintenance programs.

Optimize your Maintenance Processes

Easily track of all your Mobile Assets and create your maintenance schedules in a way that ensures that your teams are operating on the highest level, and control your costs and spare parts availability by tracking all inventory in the warehouse and tracking the availability of spare parts inventory.

Maximize the Value of your Assets

By automating your Processes and having clear visibility over your assets, you will be able to curate the Optimal Maintenance Strategy which will help you increase the lifetime value of your Assets and decrease your Operational Costs.

Using our web solution or mobile app, you can access your fleet information anytime, anywhere to easily create reports, access your vehicle’s preventive maintenance plan and create new work orders.

Improve Customer Relations

By reducing downtimes and making sure that all your Assets are managed properly, you can improve the Overall Customer Experience. Aladdin allows you to identify all the loopholes and sources of recurring problems, which will help you adapt your Maintenance Activities and increase the efficiency of your Crew Members.