Maintenance Asset Tracking for your Industry

Aladdin’s Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) caters to multiple industries providing them with the best configurable solution to attend their needs.


Healthcare organizations invest in high-priced devices to meet the needs of patients. Regular and proper maintenance guarantees the long-functioning vitality of those devices. Aladdin will streamline your maintenance tracking efficiently and seamlessly.

Facility Management

To efficiently handle large residential, commercial, or institutional buildings, facility managers should consider implementing an automated solution to track all available assets. Aladdin’s Maintenance management software eliminates the manual process of asset tracking and increases accuracy and accountability while ensuring all assets are accounted for.

Logistics & Transportation

Logistics and transportation industries can easily avoid costly repairs and delays in shipping high-value goods with Aladdin’s Asset Tracking Software. Also, Aladdin will assist in preventing costly damage of assets with continuous real-time visibility and maintain and prove regulatory compliance.


Military operations are eminent for accuracy. And, having to depend on manual processes makes it challenging. The most efficient way to ensure precision and productivity that are critical to the success of military operations is Aladdin’s Asset Tracking Software.

Manufacturing & Retail

Manufacturers often handle heavy machinery that is utilized daily and cannot afford downtime. Aladdin CMMS makes sure that each item is carefully cared for.

Construction & Real Estate

In the construction industry, losing valuable tools is very common. The best way to track and manage tools & equipment across construction sites is Aladdin’s Asset Tracking Software. Aladdin will assist you in maintaining an efficient log of valuable assets! 


Schools and Universities need an easy-to-use solution to easily track and manage all assets and supplies, including loans to students and staff. Aladdin Asset tracking software will provide visibility across labs, classrooms, and other facilities.

Energy Section

Aladdin’s Asset Tracking System is the perfect solution for the Energy Sector to efficiently track fixed assets. The industry can benefit from tracking, tools, fleet, equipment, and computer devices at multiple drilling sites and equipment yards.

Hospitality & Leisure

Hotels’ main target is to increase their guest satisfaction scores (GSS) in order to achieve that, the hotel’s equipment and assets should be top-notch at all times. Aladdin’s asset management Software for hotels will enable you to track all your hotel’s assets in one place, make the asset management process easier, and increase asset visibility.

Banking & Finance

Managing multiple branches is challenging and knowing how many assets are at each branch is harder. Now, the Banking Sector can easily track important tech devices, gears, software licenses, and supplies with the help of Aladdin’ Asset Tracking Software.


Asset tracking is critical in the aviation industry, and Aladdin’s CMMS is here the help. Aircraft needs critical maintenance very frequently. There can be no room for error as one minor mistake can result in a major mishap.


Telecom makes communication possible on a global scale, it has become an increasingly important basic industry, impervious to business cycles. To handle this huge network and to properly manage it is quiet challenging. Aladdin asset management software will boost multiple branches in your industry.