Manage Your Workforce

Optimize the Productivity of your teams across different functions and locations with Aladdin’s CMMS.
Reduce Overhead Costs and ensure visibility over all office and field-based teams to make sure that they are running smoothly.

Get visibility over your teams

Generate real time Work Order and Service Reports with all the details you need from labour, spare parts to work time and much more! Aladdin makes it possible for you to always stay on top of things and to make the right decisions at the right time.

Manage your teams in different locations

Whether you are managing Office or Field-based teams, full timers, hourly paid workers or contractors, Aladdin allows you to efficiently manage and coordinate the activities of these teams across multiple channels and multiple locations to ensure that your Business is running like a well oiled machine.

Optimize your Work Orders

Create and allocate Work Orders to your teams in a seamless and timely manner.
Aladdin will ensure that you are always assigning the right person to the right job, at the right time and at the lowest cost!