Retail & Manufacturing Asset Management Software

Out of the Box Manufacturing  Management Solution

Manufacturers carry a huge CAPEX burden in machinery and equipment that are utilized, in some cases, around the clock. Any downtime or disruption to normal business operations will directly affect revenues. This is why the use of the right manufacturing asset management software is critical for organisations in this sector.
Aladdin also helps manufacturing firms achieve regulatory and become ISO compliant.

Guarantee the Longevity
of your Equipment

Aladdin’s Manufacturing Asset management software provides easy-to-use web and mobile applications. This helps you to:

  • Create and enforce maintenance plans and schedules
  • Send auto-reminders for maintenance activities that are overdue
  • Generate periodic or condition-based maintenance tasks
  • Generate work orders, and assign jobs to crew members directly

Aladdin provides instant access to essential information, such as total breakdown time, response time, and other key performance indicators, for informed decision making.

Save Money by Avoiding Equipment Downtime

Machine breakdowns cost time and resources, which in other words mean loss of revenue for manufacturing companies. Aladdin’s Manufacturing Asset Management Solution minimizes the time to act upon breakdowns. 

Breakdowns are recorded in seconds with immediate alerts to the maintenance team about specific Work Requests. Without losing time, Work Requests can be conveniently converted to Work Orders, scheduled and assigned to crew team members to resolve.

Optimize the lifetime Value of your Assets

Disciplined preventive and predictive maintenance activities are important in order to maximize the useful lifespan of assets and achieve maximum revenues and profitability. The return on CAPEX investment increases with better-planned asset maintenance. Aladdin’s Manufacturing Asset Management is your Best Solution. 


What People Are Saying

Very useful in tracking assets. Great help in identifying assets and locations as well as price value. Easy to use and the mobile App allows us to manage all the details related to our machines.
Oliver Salazar

Maintenance Engineer, Gandour KSA