Streamline Work Orders

Connect your Field Workers to your Office by optimizing the process of creating workflows and approving Work Orders. Aladdin’s end to end CMMS Solution allows you to automate all Asset Management related processes and ensure that your teams are always aligned and that the Management Team is always on top of things.

Create and Assign Work Orders

Create and assign your Work Orders seamlessly with Aladdin. By optimizing these processes, you would be reducing overheads, minimizing manual work and allowing your teams to be more Productive and less prone to mistakes.

Gain visibility on your field workers

Make sure that there are no conflicts and that your Field Teams’ Schedules are optimized. Aladdin’s Mobile Application will help improve Communication across the board and ensure that your Office is always connected to the Field.

Integrate with your existing tech stack and ERP’s

Aladdin integrates with most ERP tools such as Oracle, NaVision, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and more. We also integrate with Microsoft Excel that could be imported into Google Sheets to export your data swiftly and easily. By having an integrated Tech Stack, you would be able to ensure that all your Processes are automated and that your data flows are optimized.