Tag Your Assets

While tagging assets may be a burden for some, Aladdin’s seamless Solution allows you to automatically create labels for your Assets without having to rely on third-party applications and incur additional costs.

Identify your assets and categorize them 

The first step on the path to automating your Asset Management Process, is to start identifying your Assets, and segmenting them into different categories to help you both keep track of them, and most importantly to be able to optimize your maintenance processes and allocate resources as needed.

Create asset tagging labels for all your assets. 

With Aladdin CMMS, you do not have to create labels manually for your assets. Our team has been there and done that, therefore, Aladdin’s Solution can easily be customized to your Business and your assets can be tagged in no time.

Maintain an accurate Asset Register

Aladdin’s powerful solution provides you with a Control Panel that gives you a 360 visibility over your Assets and help you keep track and maintain all of your assets from one place. Whether you are tracking Asset downtime or Asset usage, Aladdin is made for you!