Telecom Asset Management Software

Out of the box Telecom Asset Management Software

Instead of focusing on expansion and innovation, the telecom industry is facing multiple operational issues, from unwanted operational costs to multiple issues. With Aladdin’s Telecom Asset Management Software, companies can stand out from the competition and continuously achieve high flexibility and easy operational maintenance.

CMMS Benefits for Telecommunication

Having a computerized maintenance management system for your telecom company is highly important for many reasons, some of which are Asset tracking, Asset maintenance, Data Security, and Contracts Management. Since the Telecom industry requires large costs, Telecom companies will be in need of a lot of cash flow to buy and maintain their heavy hardware and equipment, the best solution for this, is to implement Telecom Asset Management Software. 

CMMS in the
Telecom World

Telecom companies need to keep an eye on every aspect of their daily work because people are depending on their technology. This industry is the most affected by the new and growing technologies.

Telecom companies need to identify their equipment when needed for inventory checks, utilisations, system upgrades, and maintenance. This can be time-consuming unless a proper Telecom Asset Management Software is used.

Asset maintenance and Managing Contract

Regular maintenance is done proactively to avoid chances of sudden asset failure. In the telecom industry in particular, consistent maintenance not only is needed for repairs but also for inspection and scrutiny of assets in order to prevent costly damages.

Get on with a CMMS

For this industry in particular, utilizing asset management software is crucial now. Tracking assets is highly important, especially when it comes to QR Code (Quick Response Code), GPS (Global Positioning System), BLE (Bluetooth low energy), IoT (Internet of Things) and others.

Telecom companies can protect, track, find and manage their assets better with an advanced Telecom Asset Management Software. 


What People Are Saying

Amazing CMMS and absolutely easy to use. Aladdin gave us the ability to be engaged with every small issue even at remote sites, tracking all tasks (corrective and preventive) anywhere and at any time.

Hamzeh Abualrob

Maintenance Project Manager, EG&G Middle East