What is Asset Lifecycle Management?

Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) focuses on maximizing the useful life of your assets and generating as much profit from them throughout their lifecycle. SGE’s Asset Lifecycle Management software and specialist services draw upon years of experience by skilled professionals from all over the world. We offer a 360 approach to physical asset management to ensure you achieve optimal return on your asset base.

Why is Asset Lifecycle Management important?

Does your company own fixed, physical assets? Assets are the single largest cost on a company’s books. No less than 75% of the Total Cost of Ownership of your company’s assets lies in the way you operate and maintain those assets. For business leaders looking to boost profitability by reducing costs, getting smart about how you operate and maintain your assets is the best place to start. Sustained business growth depends on it.

What is Aladdin?

Aladdin, is a cloud-based asset lifecycle management solution in Dubai powered by Microsoft Azure. Aladdin, connects the office with the field. Aladdin, is not ‘nice-to-have’ – it’s mission critical. Aladdin, gives you real-time visibility of all your fixed assets wherever they may be. Aladdin's Web and Mobile Applications ensure you can identify and address emergency maintenance issues whilst ensuring that planned and preventative maintenance reduces the overall cost of asset maintenance.

Much More Than A CMMS, Aladdin is Feature-Rich & Easy-to-Use

Aladdin is the future of computerized maintenance management software (CMMS). It’s a system that your Facilities Management, Maintenance and Asset teams will rely on to maximize the useful life of your assets and avoid costly emergencies that disrupt your business operations.

With this computer-aided facility management (CAFM) solution, you maintain an accurate Asset Register. Asset Tagging and QR labeling information is used and stored to keep track of assets.

Asset Register

This module has a Calendar notification system that records Scheduling information.

records Scheduling

Managers can assign work to Crew team members swiftly and with ease via customizable and flexible  processes to suit your FM and Maintenance needs


Planned Preventative Maintenance

This module is essential for all assets that need to be serviced on a regular basis, which can be recorded instantly.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Aladdin’s dashboard provides real time analytics on a user-friendly interface that is easily accessible and understandable with unique color schemes for its users.

real time analytics
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Experience SGE and Aladdin. What Makes Us Your Asset Management Partner?

Get to know about our story and the challenges faced by organizations just like yours. Find out exactly why our valued customers rely on our expertise and practical advice in addition to our software to support their business operations.


Visibility Of Asset Information For Agile Decision-Making

This assets and facilities management software provides a single source of ‘information truth’. Connect internal and external stakeholders from the field/site to the office. Manage Dashboards and Reports for real-time asset intelligence Request Demo


Facilities Management, Maintenance & Business Process Automation

Specialist services to help implement best practices for automation that makes a difference to your bottom-line. Customizable workflows to eliminate bottlenecks. Save time and reduce human error. Plan and schedule key activities


Sustained Business Efficiency And Measurable Cost Savings

Savings though proactive planning versus reacting to costly emergencies. Strategic CAPEX forecasting. Optimize utilization of company assets and resources. Direct cost savings in 5 core business areas

Industry Sectors Supported By Aladdin

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Meet The Team

The Mavericks At SGE Who Lead The Most Curious Thinkers To Develop And Go-to-Market With The Most Usable Software and Practical Advice Around

Managing Director
Allen Gantt

A maverick, serial entrepreneur and family man whose passion for life and business is infectious. The wind under our wings

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Raafat Osman

From running the finances for the NYC Economic Development Corporation to supporting rapid growth with strategic investments for SGE

General Manager - Asset Management Business
Andrew Piechowiak

Over 25 years in the corporate world and leading the Asset Management and software business for SGE. Social Media 'King'

Director of Engineering
Hocine Remram

Asset Management 'Guru' and strategic advisor to our customers. The brains behind our Asset Management methodology and processes

Head of Development
Milind Ambegaokar

Responsible for the Aladdin product road-map and leading the software development team to make the impossible happen and delight customers

Head of HR
Mahek Khalid

Responsible for our most valued 'assets' - our team. Making work life at SGE a peach and ensuring we hire and retain the best human capital to support our growth

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