Real Estate Asset Management Software

Out of the Box Construction & Real Estate Maintenance Solution

All construction companies should make deploying a CMMS solution a top priority. Due to the busy nature of construction projects and the high value of assets and equipment., it is important to understand all of your operations and work processes. Especially when coordinating activities in different locations.


Improve efficiency, save time and boost tenant satisfaction with advanced real estate asset management workflows. Drastically reduce response time by augmenting the field technicians with mobile enabled maintenance workflow schedules.

your Processes

Experience less equipment breakdowns and save money with automated planned preventative maintenance scheduling. Carry out routine tasks with intuitive workflows. This will give your Maintenance Crews all the tools they need to ensure that all Assets are being maintained properly and are operating at their full capacity.

Adopt a
Holistic Approach

Gain immediate insights to the maintenance operations through customizable dashboards of key performance indicators. Aladdin’s Holistic Approach to Real Estate Asset Management does not only help you optimize your assets, it also allows you to increase Customer Satisfaction by providing top class services with limited issues or delays.


Get full visibility on your assets and identify the loopholes in your processes thanks to Aladdin’s real-time Reporting Engine.

Tracking all maintenance tasks and requests from the construction site or remote locations so you can control equipment downtime that can cause various problems in construction projects, including delays, excessive overtime, budget overruns, and may increase the risk of rush or poor work, by this way you will have full control or visibility over manpower.


What People Are Saying

Amazing CMMS and absolutely easy to use. Aladdin gave us the ability to be engaged with every small issue even at remote sites, tracking all tasks (corrective and preventive) anywhere and at any time.
Hamzeh Abualrob

Maintenance Project Manager, EG&G Middle East