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Aladdin Mobile Requester

Aladdin Mobile Requester is the latest Service Request App from SGE, designed to ensure minimum downtime and achieve highest levels of customer service. It has everything needed to give your internal or external customers complete control and visibility from the time a request is raised until it is taken care of to their satisfaction.

With Aladdin Mobile Requester, your customers can make, change and monitor requests on their phone and on the go at any time. Available in Arabic and English, it’s also very user friendly and versatile. Your customers can raise requests simply by typing in text or taking a pic or even recording a voice message. It’s the app that your customers will love and your service teams will value.

  • A single KPI graph allows you to track all requests. And just clicking on it, pulls up details of individual requests
  • You can manage your requests as per their status. Deleted completed tasks or follow up on pending ones
  • Receive a notification every time the status of your requests changes
  • Track your request status from the time you raise it until it is completed
  • Conveniently scroll through a complete history of all requests raised by you or search for a specific one using a number of options
  • Raise a request and specify a date and time as per your convenience
  • Type, take a picture or simply record a message to raise your request
  • Cancel or reschedule your request if your schedule changes

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