Education Maintenance Software

User Friendly Education Maintenance Management Solution

Whether you are managing a School or University, you want to provide both your Teachers and Students with a seamless learning experience. The last thing you would want is to distract them with issues that have nothing to do with Education.

Focus on
what matters

Aladdin’s Education Asset Management Solution provides you with the needed tools to easily manage all your Assets and Equipment and optimize your Maintenance Operations. Aladdin allows you to take preventative measures before issues occur or add up, which paves the way for all Stakeholders to focus on what matters the most.
Automate your
Maintenance Processes
Aladdin makes the lives of your Maintenance Professionals much easier by automating Work Orders and organizing their schedules preventing any potential conflicts or delays, and making sure that all your Assets are being managed and maintained properly. You will be able to track your Assets and prevent the risk of theft or loss of Assets. 
your Costs
By getting a 360 view over your Assets and Maintenance Crews, you will be able to manage and control your Cost Centers. Aladdin’s powerful Inventory Management functionality will also allow you to set up an optimized Procurement Plan that is based on factual numbers and data rather than baseless assumptions.