Planned Preventive Maintenance

What could go wrong when managing assets worth Millions of Dollars? Short answer… A lot!

With Aladdin’s Advanced Planned Preventive Maintenance functionality, extend the life of your critical assets and help your Maintenance Professionals optimize their time.

Extend the useful life of your critical assets

When you anticipate issues, you are helping maintain and optimize the lifetime value of your Assets. Aladdin’s advanced Planned Preventive Maintenance functionality will help you run your business seamlessly and make sure that you are preserving the Value of your Assets.

Decrease maintenance cost by up to 20%

It’s always easier and less costly to anticipate an issue or an emergency and solve it before it becomes a problem.
With just a click of a button, all your PPM’s will be automatically generated and assigned to the teams on the ground to ensure that your Assets are being monitored and maintained in a timely manner.


Optimize the efficiency of your equipment and assets

One small disruption could affect your entire operations and cost you a fortune. Having a clear PPM Strategy and a powerful tool that helps you implement it are crucial to Optimize the efficiency of your Equipments/Assets and to help you avoid any disruptions to your teams’ Operations.

Aladdin’s Planned Preventive Maintenance also allows you to track your Work History, Backlogs and Forecasts to help ensure you are always on top of things!