How CMMS Allows You to Deliver Better Customer Service

October 31, 2019

Have you ever lost precious man-hours because one of your fixed, physical assets broke down? Have you had to make customers wait because one or more of your fixed assets had a glitch? Have you ever struggled with poor productivity because of overworked employees doing maintenance work?These could have all been avoided had you known of the benefits of CMMS in the efficient operation and management of your business.

Smooth operations

If you are running an entrepreneurial venture, it’s your goal to hit all your company objectives in the most efficient and profitable way possible.

Just as every road has some potholes, every business also comes across a few setbacks. Some of these obstacles come from fixed, physical assets that need regular maintenance to be able to run smoothly. These assets must be kept running like well-oiled machines. When these assets break down or experience some kind of hiccup, it is often a source of stress, leads to productivity slowdown, and costs the business money.

The ideal solution to this problem is to avail yourself of trustworthy asset maintenance management software. This kind of automated system will allow you to be on top of the situation and allow you to turn your attention to other vital management tasks.

Getting yourself a computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) will be your best step towards keeping a more proactive approach to asset maintenance.

Here are some of the top reasons why CMMS works to your advantage and allows you to deliver better customer service:

1. Access and deliver real-time information

Today’s fast-paced world also means that your customers expect faster turnaround times and even quicker attention to their needs. With technological breakthroughs such as automated systems and CMMS, you are better equipped to deliver high-quality customer service.

For instance, CMMS allows you to access real-time information. Your system dashboard can help you maintain an accurate record of all your assets, so you can effectively keep track of them through asset tagging and QR labeling.

With this, you are kept abreast of maintenance activities within your organization. Since the software allows you to store pertinent data such as procedures, error logs, licenses, manuals, images and photos, and the like, you can easily view information when you need it the most.

This setup is very important, especially during critical situations such as speeding up troubleshooting processes. It also helps in the swift facilitation of work orders. In return, quick access also allows you to get back to the customer and address their needs quickly.

2. Increase client confidence

Having CMMS within your company arsenal is one way to be compliant with all the industry codes of practice as well as government rules and regulations.

These days, making your venture eligible for ISO or LEED certification adds more credence to your reputation in the eyes of your target customers. By using a computerized maintenance management system, you also ensure that your central database keeps your assets and procedures running in top condition.

Keeping your assets in tip-top condition and running efficiently is one way of reducing emissions. It is also instrumental in keeping operational costs down. Together, these will greatly contribute to making your business certified by industry standards.

At the same time, if you are an organization that must comply with government regulations, then CMMS can help you comply with government policies and avoid possible liabilities.

If your clients see you as a company that has high ethical and work standards, then it also helps build your brand. It helps nurture brand trust and loyalty from your customers.

3. Increase productivity

Automated systems not only help make work faster and generate a more robust ROI. They also work to benefit the health and wellbeing of your workforce. CMMS can be your central repository for checklists and safety procedures, safety data sheets, and the health and safety information of your workers. It can also record technician certifications and accreditations.

With this system, you can take a more proactive approach to maintenance. Instead of reactive maintenance being done when an asset breaks down, CMMS can help in designing a more effective preventative program. This works together with your scheduling and notification systems as well as your work orders system and ensures maximum efficiency with less downtime and quicker turnarounds.

CMMS gets the job done easier and quicker with all the automated systems in place. This gives your workers freedom from paperwork, prioritize, and focus on critical repairs or maintenance work, and avoid miscommunication or loss of information. Increased productivity will also mean reduced overhead costs and better ROI.

More importantly, since unnecessary repair or maintenance jobs are now effectively managed and anticipated with preventive maintenance schedules, your employees will no longer need to clock in more hours or be overworked. After all, having happy employees means better service and happy customers.

All systems go

When you have a computerized maintenance management software system in place, you have a better overall view and control of your business. This results in streamlined systems, better compliance, and happier employees.

With a well-oiled machine churning out excellent results, you can pass this on to your consumers and render top-notch services.

Streamline your business processes with the right tools for the job. Contact us today for a demonstration of Aladdin, SGE’s proprietary system. See what it can do and how it can help you deliver better customer service.


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