How CMMS Helps Companies Cope With Pandemics

June 2, 2020

Preventive Maintenance in Covid-19 - Aladdim CMMS

The recent spread of COVID-19 has demonstrated to business owners and managers around the world how crucial it is to have processes and systems in place to keep employees safe and operations moving when a pandemic arrives. 

Without a doubt, those businesses with CMMS maintenance management software are better positioned to address some of these requirements.

Keep reading to learn how CMMS helps companies cope with pandemics.

1. Managing Deep Cleaning and Sanitization Programs

During a pandemic, the biggest concern for employers is how to keep their workers safe as, unfortunately, the workplace is one of the hottest locations for virus transmission. Therefore, companies have to formulate an aggressive strategy for improving worker safety through precautionary best practices and thorough preparation.

That being said, it can be challenging to manage deep cleaning and sanitization programs and to ensure that everything is being done on schedule. Companies need to have an efficient plan in place with so many things to keep track of (on-top of regular operations). 

This is where CMMS comes in, as it can provide your firm with all the support it needs to organize the required tasks to keep your facilities safe. For example, it can track temperature stations, dispensers for sanitary wipes, cleaners, masks, and all the other new asset types that your firm requires.

Furthermore, your CMMS can gather employee information for contact tracing. This data will be assigned to the employee register and may include results of pandemic-related tests, hospitalizations, and other related information. Additionally, you can vary working hours through the CMMS to ensure that contact is limited and manage additional inspections for employees and processes in your workplace. 

2. Track Your Assets and Their Condition

As a business owner, you always should know where your assets are and what condition they are in; however, this is even more important during an emergency like a pandemic. 

CMMS software was created specifically for this reason – to assist companies in tracking assets and their condition. For example, to reduce disruption in your business operations, opt to set up preventive maintenance through the CMMS. You can set up these schedules and assign resources for times that are most convenient for your services and your workers. All of this can be managed and updated from your device. 

Aladdin’s fixed asset management software gives you up-to-date tracking of all your assets, enabling you to maintain an accurate asset register. Furthermore, the software utilizes asset tagging and QR labeling to ensure that you can always locate your firm’s assets.

Similarly, CMMS software allows you to conduct the inventory management of spare parts and stock levels from your computer or mobile device, so you always know what is in stock. 

When supplies need to be replenished, you will have set up an automatic generation of purchase orders. In this way, CMMS software alleviates the burden of having to check inventory physically. No matter where you are located, through the CMMS, you will also have access to vendor and supplier information, products, availability, and pricing.

3. Organize and Coordinate Work Orders Digitally

Work orders are a regular occurrence for many organizations, which means they need to be handled and processed in a manner that speeds operations up. 

One of the most significant benefits of implementing a CMMS software into your organization is that it significantly helps you achieve an efficient work order system. A successful work order system has accountability, categorization, consolidation, and tracking, and CMMS software makes it much easier to ensure these elements are present. 

Whether you are in the middle of a pandemic or are coming out of one, your work orders must include all the required information. 

With CMMS software, you can create, prioritize, and manage work orders from your device. Additionally, the software enables you to include details such as digital images, step-by-step instructions, and interactive site and floor plans. By incorporating these into your firm’s work orders, technicians will have everything necessary to do their job quickly and accurately. 

Furthermore, the software makes it easy to track what each employee is working on and how much time they are spending on each job. By using a CMMS system, workers can create and manage checklists to guarantee that responsibilities have been fulfilled.

Speaking of the technicians, during a pandemic, you want to forego paperwork and assign work orders digitally – CMMS software enables you to do this. By making these work orders accessible from anywhere, workers can log in to see their updated tasks. This helps to keep everyone on the same page and ensures that the work order process is as streamlined as possible. 

Final Thoughts

Is the pandemic making it too challenging for your company to continue operations? Are you in need of a more advanced CMMS solution? If so, reach out to Aladdin today. 

Powered by Microsoft Azure, Aladdin is a cloud-based asset management software that’s designed to support your operations and streamline your processes while also reducing maintenance costs. 

Offering key features such as tracking and scheduling, preventative maintenance, dashboards, contract management, reports, and asset tagging, Aladdin offers everything you need to help you cope with the pandemics of today and tomorrow.


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